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“This Christmas I Want Food”: What These Foster Kids Want For Christmas Is Heartbreaking

None of them asked for this year’s hottest toy, or another video game to add to their collection. No, the children who filled out these tags listed their “innermost dreams”—things that should be part of everyone’s childhood.

36 Christmas Verses to Inspire Your Holiday Season

The true spirit of Christmas is captured in the celebration of Jesus' birth. That's why we've compiled this list of Christmas verses from the Bible to inspire your holiday season. These Bible verses for Christmas can help you prepare your heart before the big day.

A Stanley Thermos Survived a Car Fire – The Company Responded by Replacing More than Just the Mug

Suffering a car fire is terrifying as well as devastating, but TikTok user Danielle's car fire also lit up TikTok in a viral way she was not expecting after her Stanley thermos survived the blaze.

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Denzel Washington Ends Each Night Putting These Under His Bed, and Starts Each Morning Getting Them

Slippers, not Oscars, are what get Denzel Washington out of bed in the morning. These slippers help him be a better father, husband, and actor, and no, they're not magical.

Christian Leaves Fake $20 Tip —Then the Restaurant Manager Writes an Email to His Pastor

When she saw the look on her server's face, she was NOT gonna let this slide...

“We Heard a Loud Bang, and Then BOOM!”: Megachurch Pastor on God Turning Off His Church’s Power So They Could ‘Witness His Power’

“We just encountered something I haven’t experienced before at Long Hollow or at any church for that matter,” Gallaty explained. “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. We now with unveiled faces are looking at the glory of God are being transformed.”

Pastor Who Said ‘Wives Who Let Themselves Go Cause Husbands to Stray’ Releases Public Apology After Taking Leave of Absence

Having been on a leave of absence since February 28, 2021, the pastor wrote, “I sincerely ask for your forgiveness and to be restored as your pastor.”

Wives Who ‘Let Themselves Go” Cause Husbands to Stray, Preaches Missouri Pastor

“I’m not saying every woman can be the epic trophy wife of all time like Melania Trump…not everyone can look like that. Amen!” Then he emphatically said, “But you don’t need to look like a ‘butch’ either.”

Pastor on ‘The VOICE’ Blows Away John Legend, Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton, Advances to Knockout Rounds

"The music is in you so deep that you just have to let it out," said Gwen Stefani.

“‘I Love You. MOMMY!’ My 5-Yr-Old Screamed to Interrupt Her Dad’s Abuse”: Megachurch Pastor’s Wife Speaks Out After Enduring a Decade of Abuse

6 months into marriage, my doting husband—the megachurch pastor—added his own twist to the potent concoction: a double shot of disdain with a generous pour of chastising, gaslighting, and blame, shaken with a bit of mockery, and finished with a twist of zesty disgust at the mere sight of me.