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Pennsylvania Parents Drown After Getting Caught in Rip Current While Vacationing with Their Six Children

A Pennsylvania couple's family vacation in Hutchinson Island, Florida, turned into a heartbreaking tragedy when the parents drowned after being caught in a rip current.

Stanford University Dean Says “Over Parenting” Is Ruining Your Kids

It's an epidemic that's influencing an entire generation of children.

Lilly King Gets Engaged Poolside After Qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris

American swimmer Lilly King celebrated not just one, but two monumental achievements poolside Thursday night. After qualifying for the 2024 Summer Olympics, King was surprised with a romantic proposal from her boyfriend, James Wells.

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When Your Son Is 18: “It Will Make You Smile & Cry at the Same Time”

"When you become a mom, the years all of a sudden start flying by. At lightspeed. You try hard to slow down time, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t figure out the magic potion to freeze time."

Growing Up in Pornland: How Porn-Addicted Boys Are “Sexual Bullying” Our Teen Daughters

Young girls are speaking out more and more about how these practices have links with pornography—because it’s directly affecting them.

Warning Signs of Suicide: How to Help Teens Manage Stress & Mental Health

A clinical psychologist talks about the warning signs of suicide in teens, and how to help them cope with today's pressures.

10 Ways to Celebrate the Christmas Season With Teens & Young Adults

How do we make the holiday season special for our older kids when the magic and wonder of the younger years is gone? Well, I asked this exact question on Facebook recently and received some pretty amazing responses! So I decided to put them all together in one spot and share them with you here.

I’m Exhausted from Loving My Teenagers

"Our children will most likely never know the tears we cried behind closed doors, or the prayers we begged for in the middle of the night. Until they have children of their own, they won’t understand that our hearts break when theirs break, maybe even harder than their own."

Hey Tired Mom of Teens, This Is for You

We have this tension of clinging tightly to the last moment and proudly letting go and still hoping they make wise choices.

10 Reasons Middle Schoolers Don’t Need Social Media

Social media was not designed for children. A tween's underdeveloped frontal cortex can’t manage the distraction nor the temptations that come with social media use.

70% of Teens Quit Church After High School. Here’s Why.

"Our kids are smart. They picked up on the message we unwittingly taught."