This Is Our Awakening | Your Daily Devotion | May 8


“I lay down and slept; I awoke, for the Lord sustains me.” 

Psalm 3:5

When this is all over, we will never be the same….

When the world returns to its fast pace…

When we all come out from our homes, blinking at the bright sunshine that never dimmed…

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When our healthcare providers can take a breath without fearing infection…. 

When they can sleep, rest, cry… 

When they find peace after all they have seen and experienced…

When families bury their loved ones

Grieve their losses…

Stagger away from graves as our war heroes who were most scarred by this virus…

When those who have battled for their lives are restored… 

We will be awakened.

We will be awakened because while we once thought we were in control, we never really were. We will see how fragile life is and that the Author of Life is the only One in control. We will seek God more.

We will be awakened to how connected we are to one another. Not just to our families and friends, but we are connected to people all the way on the other side of the world. Their destiny and our destiny are delicately intertwined. We will be more responsible.

We will be awakened to who we really are. We will see that we can be noble and heroic even with something as simple as just.stay.home. We will realize that what we really value isn’t the stuff of life but it’s the people in our lives…and the people we do not even know. We will see that like generations before us that we have what it takes to do what’s necessary for the common good. We will be more noble.

When this ends, we will never be the same.

Dear God, I long for the day this will be all over but thank You for the ways You are changing me in this season. In Jesus’ name, amen.

[Excerpted from “We Will Be the Same After COVID-19”]



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