WATCH: Tori Kelly Performs New Christian Song “Psalm 42″—And It Is Breathtaking!

psalm 42

Singer Tori Kelly has just released a new song from her soon-to-be-released album Hiding Place, and it is absolutely riveting. While “Hiding Place” doesn’t debut until September 14, Kelly posted the single “Psalm 42” to YouTube a week in advance, and it has already amassed nearly a half million views in 3 days.

Though Kelly is not known exclusively as a Christian artist, she has openly discussed her faith on various platforms and particularly does so in this song that is a beautiful exploration of her Christian faith.

Since Scooter Braun discovered Kelly, she has been a rising star, collaborating with artists like Ed Sheeran and James Bay and even landing a Grammy nomination for ‘Best New Artist’.

We pray she continues to use her growing fame as a platform to make Jesus known to the world.

Watch her breathtaking performance of “Psalm 42” below:

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