Where Is the Evidence of Your Faith?

evidence of your faith

If God were to ask you to demonstrate the evidence of your faith, how would you begin? Would you say that you pray daily? That you live right? That you love your neighbor? That you feed the poor?

Another question, have you ever found yourself in such a predicament that only your faith could carry you through?

In John chapter 4 there was such a situation experienced by a royal official whose son was dying. This man had only heard about Jesus and yet demonstrated remarkable faith that not only saved him but his entire household!

At some point, the official had heard about Jesus, His healing and deliverance. In a moment of weakness and need, the official turned to Jesus in faith. Imagine, the official left his dying son to go to Jesus for help! Stepping out on faith and not his position. This is the first evidence of our faith — the decision to step out on faith turning all our cares upon Him, seeking Him and His guidance, deliverance, and healing.

This official left his dying son and journeyed almost a day. Imagine what could be going on inside his heart. Has he left his son alive for the last time? What if Jesus said no? What if he could not find Jesus in time? Faith is what sought Jesus! Has your faith sought Jesus in your times of struggle?

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The official demonstrated his faith by his belief and persistence. Jesus wanted the man to reveal his total faith in Jesus. Many would have left Him at that point. Imagine traveling all day to hear Jesus say this!

How many times do you give up on your prayers because there are no answers received when you expect them? Or pray that God will give you a sign when He has already given you a promise?

The text says that the official was persistent, recognizing that Jesus was the only one who could save his son, and he believed that His very presence was the answer. That’s belief and persistent faith!

That was the evidence Jesus was looking for. When you pray, do you thank God in advance for His answer? Thanking Him because you already trust that whatever the answer, it is on the way, and it is the more perfect answer because it is the will of God for you!

Even though the official wanted Jesus to come with him, he knew that Jesus’ answer was the best answer. Instead of accompanying him, Jesus told the official to “Go,” his son had been healed! The official revealed an obedient trusting faith. Imagine his walk home! He was obedient in trusting the Word of Jesus, trusting the faithfulness of Jesus. Not “signs and wonders” but the Word of Jesus!

How many times when you pray do you remain in doubt of the faithfulness of our God? Not trusting His promise that He will never leave you nor forsake you? That He will not suffer you to be tempted beyond what you can bear? And that He will make a way of escape for you?

John 4:53 (KJV) 53 “So the father knew that it was at the same hour, in which Jesus said unto him, Thy son liveth: and himself believed, and his whole house.”

What is the evidence of your faith? Is it a wavering faith? Is it a faith seeking “signs and wonders”? Or is it a faith trusting in the faithfulness of God? A faith so demonstrated that it can win souls for Christ! Let the evidence of your faith win souls for the kingdom!

**This is an excerpt from George Proctor’s “Nuggets to Live By”. Published with permission. Purchase Nuggets to Live By on Amazon today. 

George Proctor is the senior pastor of Olathe Family Worship Center in Olathe, Kansas and a regular contributor to the Fort Scott Tribune Newspaper.

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