Viral Photo Shows the Moment a White State Trooper Prayed for a Black Man During a Routine Traffic Stop

What Happened to Geddis?

Wilkerson didn’t post the photo right away, it was only after her dad died that the moment came back to her.

On May 22, Anthony “Tony” Geddis passed away at the age of 61 years due to the colon cancer he’d been fighting.

Losing her father, brought a lot of introspection for Wilkerson, and she thought of the many reasons she was a daddy’s girl. Her dad’s support of her was a big one.

And Geddis showed this support to her in that routine traffic stop where she snapped a photo of the moment a white state trooper prayed for a black man (her daddy). So she posted it to Linked In, and it spread across many platforms, inspiring many.

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