“All I Could See Was a Pair of Feet in the Doorway. My Heart Stopped. Is She Even Alive?”: Husband Posts Viral Message After Wife Passes Out for a Nap


It’s no secret that mamas are some of the hardest working soldiers on this planet.

From maintaining the baby’s nap schedule and chauffering middle schoolers to soccer games to cleaning up toddler Cheerio spills and whipping up gourmet family dinners, they really are expected to do it ALL.

Not to mention, many manage to hold down a full-time job outside the home to make ends meet.

They’re expected to be Energizer bunnies who go go GO, and yet slow down enough to be patient, kind, and compassionate for their bundles of joy.

Oh and then there’s showering — if there’s a spare minute they can be left alone in the bathroom without the house burning down or little claws scratching at the door as high-pitched voices scream “mommmmy” from the other side.

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It’s no wonder they’re downright EXHAUSTED.

But where does sleep fit into this schedule?

Oh yeah — it doesn’t.

And all of these sleepless Wonder Woman stunts are so often pulled off without complaint and without much-deserved “thank you’s” from the husband and kids.

But one husband, Peter Bristow, couldn’t help but take notice and pay a tribute to his wife and all the “mums out there who are just spent.”

In a viral Facebook message accompanied by a picture of his wife (who he initially feared was dead) passed out on the carpet, he explained how nice it was to see his hardworking sweetheart “just stop.”

Read Peter’s post in full below: 

“To all the mums out there who are just spent…

Sometimes you just need to stop.

My wife was shattered (this pic was not staged!).

One moment she was changing a nappy… the next… she was no where to be seen.

I had wrangled the boys into their highchairs and had their food in front of them.

And finally all was quiet…. too quiet.

Where the heck is mum I thought.

She must be tidying the boys room…

Then after a few minutes more… she still hadn’t emerged from the bedroom… I decided to see what she was doing.

All I could see was a pair of feet in the doorway.

My heart started beating…

Is she even alive…

This was actually my first thought as my wife usually just doesn’t stop!

Upon closer inspection, I was relieved she was breathing… so I took the two blankets off the boys beds and gave her a pillow.


She emerged 20 odd minutes later after a little nana nap.

She said she’d changed the nappy and just looked down at the carpet like it was a luxurious bed of feathers..

Bless you hun.

You give life 💯 it was nice to see you ‘just stop’.”

So to all the mamas who give it your ALL 100 % of the time, sometimes you just need to slow down, grab that comfy pillow, and toss it on that feather-bed-looking carpet — OR if you’re really feeling fancy, hit that real bed down the hallway and just rest.

You have the right. You deserve it. You’re worth it.

And best of all, you’ll wake up to find the world did not stop just because you did.

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