Husband Home Alone Screams for Hour and a Half—Then His Wife Gets a “Nudge” to Leave Work

Scott was working at home on the family SUV when he reached over for a wrench and realized the vehicle was coming down on his body. Before he knew it, it had fallen off the jack and was crushing his chest.

He spent an hour and a half screaming for help, but not a soul was in sight. Scott knew he wouldn’t last much longer under the bone-crushing weight of the car, so in his moment of desperation, he began to call out to God. He started to pray over and over again that his wife would come home and rescue him.

Though his situation was dire, Scott’s distress was transcended by a supernatural peace, as he somehow knew God would answer his prayer. He just knew his wife would come home.

Nicole was at work, but sure enough, a strange feeling was stirring in her stomach, and she suddenly felt she needed to go check on Scott out of the blue.

“I just said I need to go check on him working on the car. I just believe a spirit told me,” she told KTSU.

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When she got home, Nicole saw that her instinct was 100 percent correct. She found her husband trapped under his Ford Explorer, and she could faintly hear him make out the words, “Help me love.”

Nicole called 911 immediately and got a neighbor to help pry the SUV off of her husband. Paramedics arrived just in time, and though there was initially a concern about internal bleeding, Scott has made a speedy recovery.

He knows he wouldn’t be alive today if it weren’t for God nudging his wife with her incredible “6th sense.”

“I think that God was watching us that day,” said Nicole. “I’m so thankful for that.”

What a powerful reminder for all of us to trust our instincts. It takes bravery to act on a whim or a “feeling” when other people may think we’ve just lost our marbles. What you think may just be your gut, may very well be God giving you the nudge needed to save someone’s life. Thank God for saving Scott in His perfect timing through the heroic acts of his own wife!

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