11-Yr-Old Boy From Low-Income Family Returns Missing Wallet, Receives Surprise of a Lifetime

11 year old boy found a wallet

The GoFundMe Campaign for the Honest Boy

Michelle titled the campaign, “Vince, the 11 year old hero, & dad with Covid.” She posted a photo of Vince on their porch returning the wallet, and wrote a short description, asking people to “come together” to “put good food on their table and clothes on their back!”

Michelle set a goal of $15,000, and as of today, the campaign raised $11,425.

“Paying it forward to this wonderful family since they returned Chase’s wallet to us,” Michelle wrote in her description of the GoFundMe campaign.

On Facebook live, she surprised the family with the donated money, as well as several gift cards and clothes.

According to Michelle, when she asked Vince what he might like as a thank you gift, the humble boy only asked for socks. The family explained that Vince was having to share socks with his dad due to how tight money was for them at the time.

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Watch the beautiful exchange here:

The video shows Chase and his dad greeting Vince and his dad.

Sweetly, Lorenzo had brought their own gift for the Dahlke family–a bouquet of flowers for Michelle and a card.

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