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A Heartfelt Message from Beyond: A Letter from Heaven to My Son

A letter from heaven to my son. In the...

Explore the Miracle: 50 Essential Bible Trivia Questions About the Birth of Jesus

As Christians, the birth of Jesus is one of...

50 Heartfelt Thank You Note Ideas for Your Delivery Person

Crafting a thoughtful thank you note for a delivery...

Jenny Rapson

Jenny Rapson is a wife and mom of three from Ohio and the editor of For Every Mom. You can also find her alternately griping and gushing about her kids at her own blog, Mommin' It Up. You can email her at jrapson@outreach.com, or follow her on Twitter.

“Worth It”: Mom With Down Syndrome Raises Son Who Also Has Down Syndrome

On February 10, 1996, Lisa Newtop and her boyfriend Tim joyously welcomed a baby boy, Nic, who also has Down Syndrome. 27 years later, Lisa shares about their journey and the village it took to get here.

When A Mom’s Addiction Raged, Her Boyfriend Stepped In to Raise Her Kids

Jordan Benewait took to TikTok to tell the story of her rocky childhood, and her video and its amazing, redeeming twist has racked up over 9 million TikTok views as it honors Jordan's adoptive dad, Steve Benewiat.

Mattel’s Barbie With Down Syndrome Doesn’t Talk, Yet Says It All

Last week Mattel made a huge reveal in its storied Barbie doll line: a new Barbie with Down Syndrome. The toy maker worked closely with the National Down Syndrome Society to create the new Barbie.

“I’ve Got Your Daughter”: Mom Is Targeted by Terrifyingly Real AI Voice Kidnapping Scam

An Arizona mom is warning parents this week after she was the target of a kidnapping scam with the use of terrifyingly real artificial intelligence.

WATCH: Viral Ad Campaign Has Powerful Message About Body Image & Social Media’s Effects on Young Girls

In this mega-viral 3-minute video, the Dove Self-Esteem Project shows the harm that long-term exposure to certain social media content can do to children consuming it every single day.

Tattoo Artist Helps Dyslexic Teen Learn to Drive In the Most Heartwarming Way

A tattoo artist in Kentucky is getting all the praise this week after his selfless good deed made it possible for a 16-year-old girl to get her driver's permit.

Giant Double Rainbow Shines Over Covenant Christian School’s First Chapel Since Shooting

After the shooting at Covenant Christian School in Nashville killed six of their own, members of the school and its parent church, Covenant Presbyterian, have stuck tightly together to support each other.

Mark Wahlberg on Why He Decided to Move Family Out of Hollywood: ‘It’s Really Giving the Kids a Chance to Thrive’

Mark Wahlberg, who regularly talks openly about his faith, recently moved his family out of Hollywood, despite being a big-name actor thanks to a Hollywood career.