Mom of 6 Boys FREAKS Out When She Sees She’s Having a Girl—Then Ellen Drops a 2nd Bombshell on Her

If you’re anywhere on social media, you’re probably no stranger to the seemingly never-ending chain of gender reveal videos.

Whether it’s mom and dad opening a box of balloons, splattering water balloons full of pink or blue paint, or cutting open a cake with pink or blue frosting, every parent does it these days.

None have been more fun to watch than Cher and Stephen Lair’s.

The couple from Apex, North Carolina, have SIX boys ages 2 to 13 years old.

So when they found out they were expecting their seventh child, both Cher and Stephen didn’t get their hopes up for having a girl.

Then came their gender reveal.

A family friend captured the moment when the couple cut into the cake and found PINK frosting!

Cher’s priceless reaction got viral Internet attention, and obviously warranted a trip to be guests on Ellen.

The queen of surprises herself had the Lairs on her show, and even gave them a gender reveal of her own!

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