My Love Story: 5 Times Stories of Unconditional Love Won the Internet

my love story

Step aside Nicholas Sparks, my love story list is about to put even the greatest novels to shame! With all of the junk that we come across on the internet, it’s no wonder that we crave love stories — the kinds that relate to our own, that inspire our hearts, and moves us to love deeper, harder, and better than ever before.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite love stories from around the internet. Cheers to warming hearts everywhere today!

My Love Story: 5 Times Stories of Unconditional Love Won the Internet

1. My Love Story: Hero Husband Kisses Wife While Fighting For His Life

Jon Grant is the kind of guy who puts every person before himself — even when it means risking his own life.

The trained medic and former Navy Seal was quick to jump to the aid of others in his city when a massive apartment fire broke out in downtown Raleigh last March. Despite his good intentions, Jon never made it to the scene of the fire. Instead, he was involved in a major car accident causing a traumatic brain injury and leaving him paralyzed.

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Ninety percent of patients in Jon’s condition never wake from a coma. But Jon did. And it wasn’t long after that he began intensive physical therapy. That’s when Jon stole the hearts of the internet. One of his nurses captured the breathtaking moment when Jon stood for the first time and greeted his wife Laura with a kiss.

Laura has been Jon’s greatest support throughout his recovery, and their love story speaks for itself through updates and posts that Laura shares on Instagram.

my love story

#StayStrongJonnyGrant, your love story is worth fighting for.

2. My Love Story: Match Made in a Shoebox Worlds Away

You may be familiar with Samaritan’s Purse and their Operation Christmas Child program.  The organization partners with churches all over the nation to send small toiletries, school supplies, and toys or activities to children in third-world countries at Christmas.

Tyrel Wolfe was one of the millions of people who decided to send a gift box to a child overseas. He never knew that the shoebox he filled at 7 years old would end up leading him to his WIFE!!

my love story

Almost a decade after participating in the seasonal operation in which he included a photo of his 7-year-old self, Tyrel received a Facebook request from a young woman in the Philippines. Her name was Joana, and she was the recipient of Tyrel’s box. She’d spent years looking for him, wanting to thank him. And in doing so, the two fell in love!!

Since saying “I do,” the couple has been committed to packing a Samaritan’s Purse shoebox every holiday season. Each one includes a note that tells their story.

3. My Love Story: Texas Teen SHOCKS Prom Date

Like any girl headed to the prom, Morgan Coultress had a list of “to-dos” in preparation for the big dance: hair, makeup, dress, date, and learning to walk.

Following a surgery she had last year, the 18-year-old suffered from conversion disorder which eliminated her ability to walk for over 10 months.

But on the night of her prom, Morgan had a big surprise in store for her date, Tarik Garcia, who she calls one of her greatest supporters.

Morgan tweeted a video of the moment Tarik showed up at her door for the dance, and she WALKED to him!

Her triumphant success will bring you to tears, as will Tarik’s BEAUTIFUL, and completely blown away reaction.

my love story

4. My Love Story: Confessions of a 24-Year-Old Widow

Jordan Lewis and Cady Kendall’s love story is one that could compete with even the greatest romance novels of all time. In just a few short years, it’s as though they were able to experience 75 years of true, passionate and inspiring love.

The two met in college, and quickly fell in love, despite Jordan being diagnosed with a stage 4 brain tumor early on in their courtship. He beat the cancer in just six months, and the two were more in love with every passing day.

It wasn’t until two years later that their love story would face yet another trial. Jordan had follow-up screenings that confirmed his sinus cancer was still gone. But now tumors had shown up in his lungs.

Without a second thought, Cady told Jordan she was going to marry him and fight this cancer by his side.

my love story

Four weeks later, with the funding, time, love and support of their incredible community, the couple was married.

They shared nine beautiful months of marriage together before Jordan went home to be with the Lord. But their love story is one of grace, trial, perseverance and true, unconditional love.

5. My Love Story: Daughter Finally Says “I Love You,” 2 Years After Joining the Family

The mom behind the Facebook blog, Foster the Family, took to social media two years after welcoming her foster daughter into their home.

In a letter she wrote to the little girl, who would become her own in just a few short months, this mama bear broke down why she treasured this particular day so much.

“Mothers talk about the moment they saw their first baby, and the special bond they share with that child who made them “mom.” Well, that’s what I share with you as my first foster child. I love you for who you are, but I also love you for what you’ve given me. You made me a foster mom. And you made it so easy to be one, to love you, that I’ve become one again and again.”

The once terrified toddler blossomed into her very own daughter right before her eyes. It’s a love story of change, and growth, and unconditional love that could never be broken.

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