Steve Harvey’s Epic Introduction of Jesus Christ Gets Standing Ovation From Secular Audience

steve harvey

Steve Harvey is known for his laugh-til-you-cry style of comedy that can charm even the toughest of crowds. But as a strong man of faith, he’s equally passionate about preaching the good news of Jesus.

At the close of one of his comedy nights, Steve decided to share his fiery passion for the Lord with his fans by giving a goosebump-raising introduction to the one and only Jesus Christ.

Steve Harvey Introducing Jesus

Since he’s known as a secular comedian, it’s no surprise that Steve was standing before a largely unchurched audiencebut you wouldn’t know it by the look of this crowd’s reaction. From the hoops, hollers and “Amens!” you’d think he was standing on the pulpit of a megachurch as he drove this one-in-a-million message HOME.

As stated by Pastor Brett, “He may not be geographically precise: ‘He hails from a manger in Bethlehem, Jerusalem.’ I think he meant Bethlehem, Israel. But apparently this was at the close of a secular comedy night in front of a secular audience. Which caused me to be surprised at how enthusiastic and worshipful these people appear to be. He does not sugar coat it, he really says Christ-exalting truth.”

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