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Separated at Birth, Twins Who Reunited on Good Morning America Graduate as Valedictorians

Twin sisters Audrey and Gracie, separated at birth in China and adopted by different American families, reunited for the first time on "Good Morning America" in 2017. Now they're graduating high school.

Gone Without a Trace: Understanding Ghosting and Its Emotional Impact

Ghosting is the act of abruptly ending all communication with someone without any explanation, leaving the person on the receiving end feeling confused, hurt, and often questioning what went wrong.

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“I Really Love Jesus, But I Want to Die”

"We know we’re not supposed to have these thoughts, so we don’t tell."

Jarrid Wilson: “Why Suicide Doesn’t Always Lead to Hell”

"The reality is, you wouldn’t dare say that someone who died of cancer is going to hell just because of their illness, would you?"

“I Am Done Hiding From my Truth. I Am Done With the ‘Mom Game.’ I Am Coming Clean to My Kids, Friends, and Life.”

"I refuse to pass in legacy of burnout, overwhelmed feelings, and inadequacies to my daughter. I also refuse to raise a son who thinks that women are invincible."

To the Mama Struggling With Depression

Now your friends just know that you are human. You didn't stop being strong. You didn't stop being capable. You aren't going to be an outcast. You are going to open a dialogue that needs to exist between us as mothers.

“Jesus Has Given Me Freedom”: Justin Bieber Opens Up About Fear & Anxiety in God-Inspired Post

"Don’t stop fighting the battle has already won.. fight for what you love and who you love don’t let fear and anxiety win."

“I Haven’t Been There Recently. Have You Noticed? Are You Upset I’m Not Meeting Your Needs? Have You Thought to Ask Why?”

"Did you expect me to put it all out there instead of withdrawing because I’m 'strong?' I’m not ready."

Depression: Where Pain Met Love in Our Marriage

The cost of depression to our family was too high. The risk of permanent damage to myself, our marriage, and our precious kids’ hearts was real. I was too weak to reach out for help, so he took authority and insisted on change.