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12 Little-Known Facts About Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge’s Enduring Popularity

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, has charmed the world with her grace, style, and unwavering commitment to her royal duties. Here, we look at what people have fallen in love with.

Teen Kicked Out of Christian School for Performing in Venues that Serve Alcohol

Bailey Griggs, a promising young singer-songwriter, from Cramerton Christian Academy in North Carolina was recently expelled from her senior year after the school learned that she was performing in venues that serve alcohol.

Grandma Sees Man on News—Suddenly, She Knows Where She Saw That “Small Dark-Haired” Boy 30 Yrs Ago

"The first time I saw it, I just couldn’t hardly believe it..."

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A Grieving Mom’s Plea to Parents From Her Bullied Child’s Hospital Bedside

The mom of a bullied tween is begging you, parents: Teach your kids empathy, and don't give them access to social media.

“I Lost My Second Son”: Dad Pens Heart-Throbbing Message About Suicide & Mental Illness

If a child is born with a hole in her heart, everyone in our society would respond the same way. We would all say, "Oh, that's so sad! Is there something we can do?" No one would ever wag his head at the child or the parents and say, "You must have done something wrong!"

The Day After I Killed Myself

"Last night was too much. I couldn't bear another night of crying myself to sleep, of screaming into my pillow and praying for the pain to stop. I was tired. Tired of being sad. Tired of not being able to get out of bed. Tired of nobody caring."

A Lost Girl’s Diary: The Painful Secrets Behind the Suicide of Alexandra Valoras

"It doesn't seem possible. But it's what reality was, because it's written right there."

10-Yr-Old Commits Suicide After Bullies Write “Kill Yourself” on His Tablet—Mom Begs Parents to Hear Her Message

"Everything was not real. I was in a place where I just couldn't move."

Parents Find Haunting Journal Exposing Teen’s Hidden Secret After Her Suicide—Her Last Line Broke Me

"It doesn't seem possible. But it's what reality was, because it's written right there."

“I Was 8 When I Almost Died. I Looked at My Daughter. I Was Her Age When I Tried to End My Own Life…”

"It was a hot, July afternoon when I climbed my favorite tree. The tree climbing was nothing new, but the coil of old rope wrapped around my arm was..."

“It’s Not His Fault”: Widow of Pastor Who Died By Suicide Speaks Out With Lysa TerKeurst

“We don’t believe it was a decision... It wasn’t him."