Viral Video Shows Truck Picked up by a Tornado, 16-Year-Old Driver Walks Away With Only Scratches


The red Chevy Silverado did eventually get back onto its four wheels, but is now totaled; the insurance company hauled it away on Thursday. Despite the damage to the truck, Riley walked away with only a few scratches, which he attributes to God.

Riley says he cried over the damage to his truck because it had a lot of sentimental value to him, given that it’s been used by his family since his younger sister was born. He explained, “that truck helped me and my dad get to where we are now.”

Riley told KHOU 11 news channel, “Once I got out of the truck, and I saw my truck—how it was—and it broke me down, seeing how it was.”

“In shock,” Riley initially wanted to deny the event happened. In fact, Riley was so unharmed physically that he thought he might be able to avoid anyone else knowing what had happened. He wasn’t planning on telling his parents about it, but then Joel Berry’s video when viral. Word spread so quickly that Riley’s family learned about what happened through social media before he could even call his parents.

“That’s when I called my mom and my dad, and they’re like, ‘Are you OK?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, but my truck is gone,’” Riley explained.

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As he processes the event safely at home, Riley is now happy his family knows because they are a source of support for them. His faith in God has also helped him process the event.

“Grateful I’m here,” Riley explained that he believes God kept him safe. “Grateful God gave me another chance because better things are gonna come in the future. Never let small things bring you down, because bigger things are gonna come.”

Riley returned to school soon after the incident where his truck was picked up by a tornado was caught on video.

Apparently, Riley has learned his lesson about going out in a storm. He explained, “If there’s going to be bad weather, stay home. No matter how important the thing is to you, stay home. Your life matters more than other stuff.”

In case you’re wondering, Riley did get hired on by the Whataburger at their Manor, Texas location. As of a few days ago, Elgin police department officials told Fox 7 that a dealership in Fort Worth, Texas had already contacted him, and they were looking into getting Riley a new truck.


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