New Jersey Waitress Paid for Firefighters Meals and Got a Life Changing Gift in Response

FireFighters andWaitress

The Firefighters Return the Kindness

Liz’s dad, Steve Woodward had recently suffered from a brain aneurysm rupture. Because of the medical event, he had become a quadriplegic, and the family was working to find a wheelchair and a vehicle to transport Steve in to his doctors’ appointments and elsewhere.

When Tim and Paul Learned this, they shared Liz’s family’s GoFundMe page for Steve to see if they could muster up some help for the family.

And people responded. As of today, the page has raised $86,500 with nearly 2,000 donations!

At the time that Tim and Paul posted the GoFundMe page to Facebook, Liz hadn’t even raised half of what her family needed to cover their expenses for her dad.

Not only that, but Mobility Ventures LLC saw the story and decided to donate a vehicle to the family; so Liz’s family was able to use the money raised in the GoFundMe account to pay for Steve’s medical bills.

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The family was amazed and grateful for the outpouring. And Liz had never expected that as that waitress paid for firefighters, that she’d receive so much in return.

With their needs taken care of, the family is able to move forward and enjoy one another.

Check out Liz’s post of her dad where they were having fun together as they shopped:

And Liz developed a long-term friendship with these two firefighters who blessed her after her kind and generous gift.

Check out the three of them together in Liz’s Facbook post below.

ABC News picked up the story, too, and they interviewed the three individuals. To watch what they said about it, check out the video below:

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