“This Is What Depression Looks Like”: Mom Writes Relatable Post About the Painful Reality of Depression


If you’ve ever suffered from depression, you know it’s a silent monster eating away at you from the inside out — and it wears so many faces.

Whether it looks like a smiling wife or a frazzled mother, appearance does not dictate how deadly it feels in the pit of your stomach.

Everyday tasks can seem impossible. Showering, getting out of bed, putting on your shoes, driving to the grocery store, and doing the dishes can all seem like huge mountains that you simply can’t move because the monster is holding you down with the weight of its negative, invisible presence.

And the vicious cycle only perpetuates as self-loathing and worthlessness set in when you can’t accomplish simple tasks.

While many Christians are tempted to think depression is a spiritual problem, it is actually a very real medical problem that stems from a chemical imbalance. It’s as real as cancer, and though it can’t be seen, it can wreak havoc on your whole life.

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The way depression cripples each person may vary, but sharing our different stories and experiences can make sufferers feel a little less alone in this world.

Brittany Ernsperger decided to do just that in a viral Facebook post that has been widely shared across the web by people who feel the same way. Read her post in full below, and be sure to share your own personal experience in the comments. In the words of Brittany, “we can only help one another by lifting each other up.” Remember you are NOT alone:

“This is what depression looks like.”

“No. Not the clean dishes.
But that there were that many dishes in the first place; that I’ve gone 2 weeks without doing them.

[Three] days ago I sat on the kitchen floor and stared at them while I cried. I knew they needed to be done. I wanted to do them so bad.
But depression pulled me under. It sucked me in. Like a black hole. Rapidly, sinking quick-sand.

I walked by them morning and night and all day long. And just looked at them. Telling myself that I could do them. Telling myself that I would. And feeling defeated [every day] that I didn’t. Making the depression only that much worse because not accomplishing something that needs to be done is failure.

Worthless. Failure. Piece of shit. Incompetent. Stupid. Lazy.
All things that roll through the mind of someone with depression. All. Day. Long.

Throw anxiety on top of it, and you’ve got yourself a real treat.
Being scared your husband will leave because he thinks you’re lazy. Being scared to let people into your home because they’ll think you’re nasty. Feeling like you’re failing your kids because for the 3rd night in a row you don’t have any clean dishes to cook dinner on.. so pizza it is. Again.

And the worst part of it all, it’s not just with the dishes. The laundry, cleaning, dressing yourself, taking a shower, dressing your kids, brushing your and their teeth, normal everyday tasks. It all becomes a nightmare. A very daunting task. Somedays it doesn’t get done at all.

Depression is something that ‘strong’ people don’t talk about because they don’t want people to think they’re ‘weak.’

You’re not weak. You’ve been strong for so long and through so many things, that your body needs a break.

I don’t even care if the only thing you did today, was put deodorant on. I’m proud of you for it. Good job. I’m in your corner. I’m on your side.

I’m not looking for sympathy, not in the slightest.
But I am letting everyone know that I’m here for you. I get it. If you need someone to talk to, I’m always here to help.

**Edited Post**
I wasn’t expecting this to get as much love as it has gotten.
Ladies, if you’re feeling this way, send me a friend request. I’ll do my best to help you or get you the help you need. We’ll figure it out together.
We can only help one another by lifting each other up. I’m here for you. 

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