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What Is Happening at Asbury University?—Is This the Start of Widespread Revival?

Nevertheless, the university is “unequivocally and unreservedly” thankful that they have had the opportunity to play a “small role in hosting something historic,” Brown shared.

Sarah expressed that it has been “interesting to see so many people, in a way, just take over campus, and it’s hard to balance going to classes while all of this is occurring. But it is so powerful to see how God is working in everyone, not just students. The hunger for something more and for something bigger is powerful, and I feel honored that it is happening at my school.”

What Others are Saying From Their Experience at Asbury University

While the scheduled chapel was taking place inside Hughes Auditorium, lines of hundreds of people began to form outside, wrapping across the front lawn of the campus.

Faithit talked to students, faculty, and visitors waiting to get into the chapel to experience what might be the beginning of a historic revival.

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People wait in lines outside of Hughes Auditorium for a chance to get inside. Photo by Jesse T. Jackson

Notably, there wasn’t anything flashy taking place inside Hughes Auditorium. The worship band consisted of no more than a piano, guitar, and a cajón (box drum). There were no flashy lights, song sheets, or even lyrics on a screen. The worship team was student-led. Outside of a few house-keeping announcements, the time was filled with singing.

Some people went to the front of the auditorium where there are kneeling benches to pray. Others stood singing, while some quietly prayed in their seat.

Faithit ran into Long Hollow Baptist Church senior pastor Robby Gallaty (Henderson, TN.) while in the lobby of Hughes Auditorium and asked him to share his thoughts regarding his experience at the Asbury University’s ongoing worship service.

“No one sang out of routine or familiarity. Everyone intentionally focused on each word that rose from their lips. Worship songs I’ve sung for years seemed to have a deeper meaning. I believe the expectancy for God to move by those in the room led to a personal encounter with him,” Gallaty shared.

Those in attendance anticipated God working in their lives, Gallaty said. “I wonder if we arrive each Sunday for worship with the same posture? Many times, we attend out of routine. I’ve been guilty of that myself in the past. That was not the case at Asbury, at least from my perspective.”

Gallaty experienced revival at his church in 2021 after he felt God tell him to start holding spontaneous baptisms, which led to over 1,000 people from 17 states being baptized in just 15 weeks.

You can’t plan for revival. It’s messy. It involves risks. Belief is the fuel that strokes the fire of revival. You can’t manage it, and discipleship must follow, Gallaty shared regarding the lessons he’s learned about revival.

“Personally, I believe what’s happening at Asbury will sweep the nation,” Gallatay said. “If God decides to blow upon our nation with a fresh wind like he did in 1970, the full effects will not be realized for years.”

Brian Hull, Asbury University professor of Pastoral and Christian Ministries, told Faithit that he “believes that God is showing and sharing his love for all people” and “meeting people in their spirit with his Spirit pointing them to Jesus.”

“People are experiencing that Spirit of peace and love in real, tangible ways that lead them to be free from shame and to love others. Many people are desperate for God’s grace and hope and come believing they will experience that,” Hull said. “I am hoping that people will realize that God’s love is available to them everywhere they are and everywhere they go, no matter what their past has been. I am hoping that people will realize that this generation is full of hope and can lead us to trust God if we will listen.”

Hull said they aren’t comparing what happened in 1970 to what is happening now.

“We celebrate what happened in 1970 as a genuine and transformative moment in the life of Asbury, Kentucky, and our country. But we are not comparing this moment to that one,” he said. “This is God’s Spirit awakening people now and we are excited to see where it leads as people share it.”

Jesse T. Jackson
Jesse T. Jackson
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