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What Is Happening at Asbury University?—Is This the Start of Widespread Revival?

While waiting in line, Faithit met Eric Scott, a former NFL player turned police chief who is currently working to earn an M.Div. Scott shared that his experience at Asbury University is something he will never forget.

“I live about 50 minutes away in Richmond, Kentucky,” Scott said. “With nothing on the schedule today, I headed to Asbury. I had no clue what to expect, how to get there, or if the event was even still ongoing. I just knew I needed guidance from God, and I knew where one or more are gathered in his name, he would be amongst them.”

“I arrived around 10:20 a.m. and could tell this was something special,” he went on to say. “To witness the hundreds, if not thousands, line up to praise God was something I’ve never seen in person. This was special. That’s all I could feel in my heart: this was special. I lined up, took some photos to document this moment and waited around an hour or so before entering the building.”

Scott, who stands at six-foot, four-inches and weighs and 280 pounds, explained that once he stepped inside he could “immediately feel a strong, overwhelming feeling that God was not only in this place, but divinely leading his people.” Scott said that broke down as soon as he got to a seat, “so to say I felt like I was standing out was an understatement. But in this place, I felt at home.”

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“I was blown away with all of the different races, genders, ages, et cetera, that all came together for one purpose: praising God,” Scott said. “As I knelt at the altar praying for God’s guidance, as I dealt with recently losing a job, I felt the most calm I have in weeks. Nothing mattered, no bills, No pressure, no closed doors, nothing mattered but God.”

Scott continued, “I have an uphill battle ahead of me, but today, I got the guidance I needed to know that God was in complete control of my situation and would make a way where I didn’t see one.”

“I’m praying that this revival touches the hearts of everyone and gives hope to the notion that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us,” he said.

“Thank you, Asbury, for allowing this to continue. And I thank all the prayer warriors, worship teams, support staff, police and fire, et cetera, that are assisting all of this. But I am most thankful that a group of students started something that will be talked about in every corner of this earth. The revival they started and brought thousands to Asbury to praise the one true God will never be forgotten,” Scott concluded.

Randall Hardman, adjunct professor of Christian Studies at Asbury University and the owner/operator of Drinklings Coffee and Mugs, told Faithit that he hopes what is happening at the university leads to healing—physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational.

“I think the fact that this is coming when it is testifies to the fact of our needing this,” Hardman said. “We’re a society that is more fragmented and broken than it has been for a long time.”

“My family and I have been watching Dallas Jenkins’ ‘The Chosen’ and reading through the Gospel of Matthew again, and I think one thing that has been striking us again is how many people sought out Jesus strictly for his reputation of healing—and, again, in a society where the cultural messianic promises were showing themselves to be false,” Hardman said.

Jesse T. Jackson
Jesse T. Jackson
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