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Toddler Hugs the Pizza Delivery Man Who’d Recently Lost His Daughter

Since the pandemic, delivery workers have increased exponentially, from...

Son Rushed to ER for ‘Breathing Funny’—Then Mom Finds Out Who Her Ex-Husband Left Him Alone With

They told me his injuries were consistent with shaken baby syndrome. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My ex husband left our son with that woman even after he promised he wouldn't.

Sisters’ Hilarious Video Confession to Late Mom Has the Internet Rolling

Sisters Sara Wollner and Katie Wiggins are finding new ways to grieve after losing their mom Karen to pancreatic cancer in 2022. In November, they filmed a hilarious viral video with confessions to their late mom.


Teen Photoshops Ryan Reynolds Over Ex-Boyfriend—Reynold’s Response Ignites Hysterical Chain Reaction

Nothing says high school romance more than a relationship measured in months and scrambling to find a date to the prom.  Eighteen-year-old Gabi Dunn and...

Michael Huntley: A Testament to Faith and Musical Evolution Post-The Voice Victory

Discover the inspiring journey of Michael Huntley post-The Voice victory: his spiritual performances, deep faith, and evolving music career. Read more about his impactful rendition of "Open the Eyes of My Heart."

Savannah Guthrie’s Faith Journey Revealed in New Book, ‘Mostly What God Does’

Savannah Guthrie, renowned journalist and co-anchor of NBC's "Today" show, has recently taken a leap of faith with her new book, Mostly What God Does, Reflections on Seeking and Finding His Love Everywhere.

Is Ashton Kutcher a Christian? Exploring His Spiritual Journey Amid Fame and Philanthropy

Is Ashton Kutcher a Christian? Delve into his faith, philanthropic endeavors, and the quest for meaning that has defined his journey. Discover whether Kutcher aligns himself with Christian beliefs amidst his diverse explorations of spirituality.

Kansas City Teen Comforted by Chiefs Head Coach Andy Reid Amid Chaos of Deadly Parade Shooting: “Please Breathe”

Following a deadly shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ 2024 Super Bowl victory parade Wednesday, one teen is sharing how Head Coach Andy Reid was there to comfort him in the chaos. 

San Francisco 49ers Brock Purdy Takes His Faith in Christ to the Super Bowl

Brock Purdy, only in his second year in the NFL, was selected dead last in the 2022 NFL draft, earning him the nickname "Mr. Irrelevant." Now, he's the youngest quarterback in 49ers history to lead his team to the Super Bowl.

Our Daughters are Listening: Dad Has a Message for Men Criticizing Taylor Swift Ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

"Those of you people out there, especially grown men, expressing all this nasty, ridiculous hate for Taylor Swift just for existing and supporting her boyfriend in the NFL, keep in mind, Taylor Swift’s not gonna see or hear any of that," he said in the video. "But you know who will? Your daughters.”

Elmo Asks the Internet a Simple Question, Gets Flooded With Mental Health Struggles and Everyday Trauma

People across the internet are reeling this week after everyone’s childhood favorite, Elmo, posed a simple question on X (formerly Twitter): “How is everybody doing?” The answer has been a resounding, “not well.” 

Lysa TerKeurst is MARRIED! — Proverbs 31 Founder Finds Love After Heartbreaking Divorce

It’s been a winding and painful road, but after years of heartbreak, divorce, and newfound happiness, Lysa TerKeurst announced Thursday night that she is married again. 

Taylor Swift Responds to Single Mom’s TikTok “These Memories Will Last Us a Lifetime”

One single mom, Ginny Blair, also credits Swift with giving her and her 9-year-old daughter the best year together that they've ever had. She felt so strongly about it that she made a TikTok video thanking Swift, and her mind was totally blown when the 34-year-old superstar singer responded.

10 Family Christmas Movies to Watch Over Christmas Break

We've gathered a list of the ten best family Christmas movies for you and yours to enjoy this holiday season. Curl up with your crew for one of these fun family flicks!