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‘I Am 1 of 7 Kids in My Birth Family. I Was the ONLY Child Put Up for Adoption.’: Daughter’s Self-Love Journey Seals Her...

"I am 1 of 7 children. I am smack-dab in the middle of them. I was the only child placed for adoption. What is wrong with me?"

‘When You Get Home to Your Spouse, Put a Smile On. It Doesn’t Matter How Crummy Your Day Went’: Husband Reminds Us Our Family...

"For 30 seconds, really show you’re elated to see them. Make them feel like you were looking forward to getting back home. Your attitude sets the tone for the rest of the evening within 15 seconds of walking in the door."

32 Creative Proposal Ideas to Make Your Engagement Unforgettable

Discover 32 unique and creative proposal ideas to ensure your engagement moment is as special as your love story. From breathtaking adventures to intimate home proposals, find the perfect way to pop the question and start your journey together.


Stranger Takes Photo of Family at Disney—Then He Promises He’s Not “Creepy” & Makes 1 Heartbreaking Request

"Several minutes later the same man who had just taken our picture walked up to us, in tears, and asked if we had a moment. He promised he wasn't creepy and introduced himself as Scott and his wife as Sally."

Embarking on a Spiritual Quest: A Guide to Beginning Your Bible Reading Journey

Feeling overwhelmed about where to start when it comes to Bible reading? This guide, inspired by a vibrant Reddit discussion, illuminates the path to drawing closer to God through His Word, offering practical starting points and insights for readers at any stage of their faith journey.

Is Jordan Peterson a Christian? Exploring the Depths of His Belief

Learn about Jordan Peterson and his nuanced religious beliefs, from his 'pragmatic Christianity' to his profound insights on God, prayer, and spirituality. Learn about his complex relationship with Christianity from his broader philosophical inquiries.

Justin Bieber Gets Real About “Bad Days” With Fiancée Hailey Baldwin, Holds Up Tim Keller’s ‘Meaning of Marriage’ Book

"You have good days and you have bad days. It's not real if it doesn't have any bad days."

Sometimes I Feel Crazy

"I can almost picture myself rocking back and forth in a white, padded cell as I blubber to my husband about being unable to control my emotions."

Why Do We Put God in a Box?

Why do we have no problem praying for God to heal a child’s cancer, but feel odd asking Him to fix our stuffy nose? Do we assume He’s too busy to deal with the little stuff, or are we limiting what He’s capable of and what He cares about?

To the Mom Who Worries Too Much About Her Kids

"In a world that would tell me a laundry list of conditions my little girl might have, I decided instead not to worry."

10 Counterfeit Christ Figures We Should Stop Worshiping

"We have to wonder, is this the real Jesus of the Bible or a Jesus of our own making?"

Dear Husbands, Let’s Talk About Porn

"Be brave, and talk about it anyway. I am a wife, and I would rather know if it’s an issue rather than allowing it to slowly kill my marriage."

5 Tips for Making Friends With Atheists

"We all would rather monologue then dialogue and this means we have to be content with our stereotypes about each other. It’s nonsense, and I’m opting out."

You’re Not the Man (Or Father) Who Left You

"I had spent over thirty years thinking I was the man (or men) who left me. That my identity was somehow built around that. The devil had spent years whispering in my ear that I was the girl who was easy to give up..."