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Jalen Hurts Donates $200,000 to Install New Air Conditioning Units in Philadelphia Schools

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts has made a remarkable impact off the field with his recent donation to local Philadelphia schools

We Are Living in a “Silent Depression”: Why Everything Feels So Expensive in 2024

By comparing household income and cost of living during the Great Depression with today’s economic conditions, we can see just how much of a toll the Silent Depression is having on this generation.


Should Christian Women Watch Bridgerton?

While Bridgerton may be a popular and visually stunning period drama, there are several reasons why Christian women may choose to abstain from watching it. 

Woman Pays for Single Dad’s Groceries, Has No Idea She’ll Meet Him in Her Church Pew 3 Months Later

I look to my left, and my stomach literally plummets to the ground. Then my heart begins to race. At the end of our pew, sat the same single Dad and his 2 children.

Are the Northern Lights God’s Creation? A Christian Perspective on the Aurora Borealis

Discover the breathtaking beauty of the Northern Lights and their significance from a Christian viewpoint. Learn how this natural wonder reflects God's majesty, power, and artistry in creation.

Should Christian Parents Allow Their Children to Be Transgender?

"What if your child doesn't like the gender God gave them?"

Lord, Prepare Me to Be a Godly Wife

"I will not forget my first love. I will not forget the one who loved me first, and loved me enough to give me a godly man who will love, cherish, and treasure the woman that I am."

Sex & Superglue: The One Thing Sex Ed Never Taught You About Sex Outside of Marriage

"I know it feels unfair, like God wants to sexually frustrate or torture you, but He doesn’t."

Reba McEntire’s New Song “Back to God” Has the World Hitting Their Knees Right Beside Her

"The Holy Spirit came over me so strong I would weep, and I would sob, and it was just like, 'Wow.'"

6 Reasons Why Christians Should Talk About International Women’s Day

This Women’s Day I am opening up the conversation to the Church, if you believe in the following things, you should be talking about #womensday too.

Chick-fil-A Customer Captures Owner Refusing Homeless Man Scraps & Doing Something WAY Better Instead

The owner did it before the man could even answer his question.

A Shark Was Eating Him Alive—Now, 26 Million People Have Watched What Showed Up to Stop It

“It fit me in its mouth, and shook me. I was literally with my back hanging off my body.”