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20 Facts About the Olympics You Should Know Before the Games Begin

The Paris 2024 Summer Olympics promise to be a spectacular event, showcasing both traditional and innovative sports. Here are 20 things you should know before the Olympic games begin.

Sandy Hook Survivors Graduate High School and Share Their Experiences from the Morning of the Shooting

It's been nearly 12 years since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Now, as several of the Sandy Hook survivors graduate high school, they’re sharing their experiences and being a voice for those who were silenced on December 14, 2012. 

“Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult” – A Deep Dive into a Controversial Netflix Docuseries

Netflix’s recent docuseries, "Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult," has brought significant attention to the intersection of social media fame, religious influence, and allegations of cult-like behavior.

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“God Is Very Much Alive”: WATCH Texas Teen Surprise Prom Date by Walking for the First Time in 10 Months

"I wasn’t born with this. This happened almost a year ago. I believe God is real and is very much alive."

Dear Women’s Ministry, Stop Calling Me Beautiful

"You see, I’m not actually that special – and neither are you."

Why My Gorgeous Daughters Aren’t Allowed to Do Beauty Pageants

"I am sure that beauty pageants can teach a kid camaraderie and how to be a graceful loser. But there's a more important lesson to teach."

Stop Telling Her She’s Pretty

"If you truly want to know how to help your daughter feel confident like I do... then, we have to experience for ourselves the confidence that comes not from winning a pageant or wearing a size two, but the confidence that comes from Christ, alone."

To the Mom Who Hates Her Reflection in the Mirror

"I stood in front of my mirror the other day and thought, 'Surely that is not me!' I hoped it was just bad lighting or something. I definitely wasn’t too pleased..."

Please Stop Calling Me Beautiful

"Women who think they’re pretty awesome don’t need a Savior."

She Was Nominated for “Ugliest Girl”—But Her Viral Response Just Backfired on Her Bullies in the Best Way

A few boys in her school put her on an online poll for "ugliest girls" in her class, but her response is BEAUTIFUL.