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What Parents Need to Know About the “Back to School Necklace” Trend

If you hear your child talking about shopping for a “back to school necklace,” experts warn it has nothing to do with jewelry at all, but may actually be a larger cry for help.

A Grieving Mom’s Plea to Parents From Her Bullied Child’s Hospital Bedside

The mom of a bullied tween is begging you, parents: Teach your kids empathy, and don't give them access to social media.

“My 7-Year-Old Was Taught How to Commit Suicide by YouTube Kids. She Was Told ‘Go Kill Yourself'”

"Once you start looking into it, things get darker and weirder," said the pediatrician. "I don't understand how it's not getting caught."

“I Lost My Second Son”: Dad Pens Heart-Throbbing Message About Suicide & Mental Illness

If a child is born with a hole in her heart, everyone in our society would respond the same way. We would all say, "Oh, that's so sad! Is there something we can do?" No one would ever wag his head at the child or the parents and say, "You must have done something wrong!"

That Was the Last Text I Ever Received from My Sweet Boy: “Sending People to Talk to Me Only Makes Things Worse”

"I text him back and then I just felt like something wasn’t right, like deep down. I tried calling him once, twice, three times. I just kept getting voicemail. About that time, I heard his dad scream and the phone went dead."

“Bullies Called Her ‘Ugly and Black.’ She Hung Herself”: 9-Year-Old’s Suicide Sparks Outrage After School & Bullies’ Parents Do Nothing

"So many people questioned, ‘Why didn’t anyone know?’ In reality, everyone knew. No one hid it." The school did NOTHING. The bullies' parents did NOTHING.

What Really Killed Kelly Catlin, the Stanford Olympian Who Committed Suicide

"It remains the elephant in the room, perhaps because it's so obvious that we've become blind to it."

Warning Signs of Suicide: How to Help Teens Manage Stress & Mental Health

A clinical psychologist talks about the warning signs of suicide in teens, and how to help them cope with today's pressures.